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Woven Label

Woven labels are used in ready wear products for branding purposes or to show the length, size, fibre content, country of origin, model, washing instructions or other information appertaining to the product. Types are Slit or woven edge labels in tafetta, satin, damask (weft sateen) or reverse satin using polyester, rayon , acetate, lurex or cotton yarns. These produced labels can undergo additional processes, such as stiffening/starching, self adhesive, embossing, transfer printing, filling (pocket labels) etc. Prior to customer needs, these labels can be cut with hot cutting, cold cutting, laser cutting or ultrasonic cutting, then folded by end folding, loop folding, mitre folding, booklet folding or manhattan folding. Woven labes can be cut with different sizes and shapes using laser cutting.

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